Always with Me

Today is the 1st year of my oldest sister’s passing.  I felt her presence so strong on Thursday and feelings of grief surfaced.  This is not what I want.  Neither is it what she deserves.  She would not want me to be inundated with grief.  So I changed my thought.  Moved  my energy to embrace her life,  not her death.

I realize that I have the power to change my thought, move it from sadness to joy.  Yes, I miss my sister.  She was my rock.   Now she is the wings that keep me lifted.




Faux by you

By pristine shores 
you choose to sail
your ship far out to sea
not knowing the treasure you seek
is quite near.
But you my son
are still very young
and will never see
that special gem that sparkles
guiding you in from a turbulent life at sea.